Privacy Notice as per article 13 legislative decree n. 196/03

Privacy Notice as per article 13 legislative decree n. 196/03

Privacy Notice as per article 13 legislative decree n. 196/03
The “Controller”

As per article 13 del of legislative decree n. 196/2003, Code on the protection of personal data, Interchange Italia S.r.l. with registered offices in Via di Porta Angelica 37739 Roma – Italy, is the Controller, as per article n. 28 of legislative decree n. 196/03, for the processing of Your personal data. The Controller thus informs You that the personal data acquired, also with reference to commercial relationships in place, are processed in compliance with the above mentioned norms. In relation to said processing the Controller provides, among other forms of information, the following information.

Type of data processed.
Personal and identification data is as defined by article 4 letters b) and c) of legislative decree n. 196/03, over and above those relative to whatever information concerning a natural person, legal person, public authority, agency or any other body, association or organism, that has the task of periodically making safety copies of the data banks, identification data, data related to traffic and anomalous data.
To this are added the data that may come into the possession of the website provider, including IT systems and software procedures used for the purpose of making this website function, who may in the course of performing its services, come into possession of Your personal data the transmission of which is implicit in the use of the internet communication protocols. This is in any case information that is not gathered to be associated with identified interested third parties, but that because of its very nature may, due to processing and association with data in the possession of third parties, make it possible to identify the users. This category of data includes IP addresses or the domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation addresses of the requested resources, the time of request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the files obtained in reply, the number-code that indicates the status of the reply given by server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer environment. These data are used for the sole end of drawing up anonymous statistics on the use of the website and in order to check that it functions properly, and they are deleted immediately after being processed. The data may be used for ascertaining responsibility in the case of hypothetical computer crimes aimed at damaging the website.

Option to transfer data.
Aside what is specific for use of the website, the user is free to give the personal data indicated in the request or in any case indicated in the section “Contacts” for the transmission of information or other forms of communication. Not supplying such data can lead to the inability to obtain what has been requested.

Aims of the processing procedure.

  • The aims of the processing procedure of personal data are the following:
  • Execution of the commercial relationship in place with You.
  • Fulfilment of the legal obligations related to the commercial relationship indicated above.
  • Organizational management of whatever commercial relationship might be in place and/or is being defined provided it is commensurate with the corporate object of Interchange Italia S.r.l.
  • Protection of contractual rights.
  • Internal statistics analysis aimed at analysing consumer habits or choices.
  • Marketing activities by means of sending information or promotional material, and publicity for products or services that are derived from and/or analogous to those that are the subject of the commercial relationship in place

Data voluntarily submitted by the user.
The optional, unambiguous and voluntary transmission of emails to the addresses indicated on this website entails the subsequent acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary to reply to requests, also including other data that may be contained in the missive.
Specific syntheses of notifications will progressively be shown or visualized in the pages of the website dedicated to particular services requested.

Duration of processing.
Data will be processed for as long as is necessary for the execution of the commercial relationship in place and in any case for the period of conservation foreseen by law, and once the purposes indicated above have been accomplished said information will be deleted.
It is anyway understood that the data will in any case be deleted automatically from the server at the expiry of the tenth year after their acquisition.

No personal data of the user is purposefully stored for this purpose.
No use is made of cookies for transmission of data of a personal nature, nor are persistent c.d. cookies of any kind or system for the tracking of users used.

Tracking Mode.
Personal data will be processed as hard copies, be computerized, be transmitted electronically and be stored in the relevant accessible data banks, and thus become known to those operators expressly designated by the Controller as Persons Responsible and Appointed for the processing of personal data, who may perform consultations of the data, use it, process it and make any other use deemed necessary also online within the confines of the law necessary for the guarantee, among other things, of the confidentiality and safety of the data as well as their accuracy, updating and the pertinence of the data in respect of the declared purposes.

Personal data collected.
Personal data collected are essentially inherent to:
Identification data (company name and other details, or else name and surname of natural persons, address, registered offices, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, tax codes etc.);
Data related to business and commercial activities (by way of example only but not limited to: collection of orders, contracts stipulated, competitions, solvency, banking and financial data, accounting and tax data. Etc.).
These data are supplied by the Client /Interested Party directly or can also be collected from autonomous external Processors and/or external Persons Responsible for processing on behalf of the Controller Interchange Italia S.r.l.

Nature of data transfer.
The transfer of data and related processing are obligatory in relation to the purposes n. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and as needed for the fulfilment of contractual obligations, it therefore follows that the eventual refusal to provide data for such ends may make it impossible for the Controller to fulfil its contractual and legal obligations.
The assignment of data is optional in relation to the aims detailed in point 6 that refer to the completion of the main marketing activities of the Controller.

Scope of communication and dissemination of data.
In connection with the aims indicated the data may be passed on to the following natural and legal persons and/or categories of natural and legal persons listed below, and may also be passed on to companies and/or natural persons, both in Italy and abroad, that supply services, also external, on behalf of the Controller.
Among these* for greater clarity we indicate:

  • Companies that collaborate with the Controller Interchange Italia S.r.l.
  • Companies that are linked and/or connected to Interchange Italia S.r.l.
  • Financial administrations and other companies or public entities in compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Competent authorities and / or supervisory bodies for the fulfilment of statutory obligations.
  • Law firms and lawyers for the protection of contractual rights.
  • the data may be communicated to qualified subjects working for the writer, as well as contractors, self-employed workers to client companies.
  • data communication is not foreseen except for the disclosure of statistics in aggregate and anonymous form.
  • Transmission of personal data abroad is also foreseen to non-EU countries.

Rights of the interested parties.
In relation to the aforementioned processing the rights specified in article n. 7 of legislative decree n. 196/2003 may be exercised within the limits and at the conditions specified in articles 8, 9 and 10 of the abovementioned legislative decree by contacting the Controller Interchange Italia S.r.l., with registered offices in via di Porta Angelica 37/39 Rome, through the email provided on the website www.interchange .it.
Further information regarding the processing and the communication of data foreseen either directly or otherwise obtained may be requested from our Person Responsible for the processing of personal data, NADIA LECCI, at the Company Registered Offices. This notice does not of course exclude that other information may be given to the interested parties also by word of mouth at the time of collection of the data.
The viewing of the website and the opening of the pages it contains is to be intended as express acknowledgement of the notice detailed above and expression of its acceptance, as per article 23 of legislative decree n. 196/03.